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Igor Meerson – director of the Academy of Truth detective agency, private detective-polygraph examiner.

  • Was born in 1972 in Rostov-on-Don
  • Served in the Navy of former USSR
  • Served in Police force of Russian Federation for 15 years
  • Graduate of Rostov College of Finance and Economics Law School
  • In 2004 opened a detective agency in Rostov-on-Don
  • Graduate of Voronezh Institute of Law of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation
  • graduate of the Moscow Academy of Lie Detection
  • In 2011 moved to Israel
  • Completed the course “Private Investigator and Security Officer” at Bar-Ilan University
  • Is a member of the Israeli Private Detective Association

Employees of a detective agency “Academy of Truth” are licensed detectives and work not only within Russia and Israel, but also around the world,, providing services in a professional manner. And it is working closely with our colleagues from other countries around the world allows us to successfully solve a variety of problems of our clients remotely, if there are no other options. However, each of our private detective agency is always ready for a long trip anywhere in the world to accomplish the task, we have visa-free entry to more than 180 countries of the world.

All employees of the detective agency “Academy of Truth” is used one hundred percent all the knowledge, skills and experience to each of our clients could obtain prompt assistance, regardless of the complexity of the order. We are always ready to organize a quick search for your family, missing persons, to collect information about objects of interest, the person or company that set the address on the phone, make surveillance for your child. And that’s not all services of our detective agency in the arsenal of which are not only highly qualified staff, but also the most modern equipment, which is mandatory to carry out our work.

The success of our work would not be possible without mutual trust with every customer, what we always strive to ensure full confidentiality and information security of all the people come to us. This is due not only to the fact that a large percentage of calls to our detective agency is linked with personal problems, but with the general principle of the detective agency “Academy of Truth.” And before sending to the client as a result of the collected information of our work, we carefully re-check it to avoid even the slightest error, which can lead to the most tragic consequences. Turning to us, you can be one hundred percent sure of the high level of professionalism, individual approach and diligent work of each member of our staff. We do our best to make you not only get the expected result, but also guaranteed protection from our side.

It’s safe to say that in the detective agency “Academy of Truth” there is virtually no restrictions. We work with a variety of segments of the population, regardless of your status, occupation, annual income and other criteria. If we can fulfill your order, we will fulfill it. If we are not sure that we can, for whatever reasons, you get the desired result, then talk about it in advance, without giving empty promises, so you do not waste your money and decide for yourself – whether you take the risk. But even in such situations we put more than one hundred percent to the expectations of our clients come true.

Our motto is: “we do not promise – we work».

  • measure of the quality of our work are the rules that operate all detective agencies;
  • our employees are personally responsible for the privacy interaction with each client;
  • you receive from us only verified information ..

Detective Agency “Academy of Truth»

Over the years, in Russia, in Israel, as well as in other countries, our detective agency has acquired invaluable experience in providing services for both private and legal persons. We have developed close professional relationships with our colleagues in countries such as Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia. This approach to the organization of work allows us online and professionally respond to any request of our customers, no matter where in the world they are. In addition, each private investigator working in our agency is always ready to travel, if the need arises, moreover, we have visa-free entry to more than 180 countries of the world.

In our agency you can get not only the services of a private detective, but also many other professionals who work in a great team, in some cases, working closely with each other to solve a particular problem . Nowhere else, except our government and private investigation, you will not be able to simultaneously access to such specialists as lawyers, psychologists, lie verification specialists, polygraph, operational staff and many others. And every one of our employees has set itself the main objective is fast, efficient and quality solution to each of our clients.

Turning to our detective agency, you will learn from their own experience that the detective services is not only the collection of information about a particular person or organization, search people , conducting surveillance and disposal of our customers from a third party surveillance, but also a huge number of other areas, they work with our experts. You can be sure that each of our private detective agency can assist in difficult situations psychological support to our clients, a difficult decision in a critical situation and take responsibility for it, to do everything to protect the interests of the clients of our detective agency.

But also should take into account that each private investigator regardless of the situation will act only within the law. In connection with this detective agency “Academy of Truth” is taken for solving crimes, but never takes advantage of a detective agency to justify criminals or hiding some facts obtained by us during a particular investigation.

Call our detective agency and rest assured that your case will be dealt with immediately , an individual approach and taking into account all the nuances of your requests to us. We guarantee complete privacy for your call and dialogue with our expert, as well as the results of the investigation or the task. Private detective, who will conduct your business, give all the results only to you, eliminating the possibility of raising a third party. The cost of a private detective in each individual case. Call and find out how much it will cost you a private detective work in your particular situation.

Services of private detective

Even with all the abundance of information today to find a reliable and trusted private investigator is extremely difficult. But, You already have the possibility at any time to order services private detectives. Even if you live in another country, but you need help in this part of the world, we are always at your service. And if suddenly you find some answers to your questions in the list of our services, do not despair, just call one of our private detectives, who will tell you in more detail about our capabilities, as well as listen to your problem and maybe it will immediately -What advice.

  • Identification of adultery
  • Photo and video surveillance
  • Lie detector – a polygraph test
  • Search of people
  • Collection of information
  • Enterprise security
  • Helping parents in monitoring children

The cost of a private detective cannot be fixed, since it depends on the specific factors and parameters that are usually individual. Therefore, the cost of the work of a private detective will be announced to you only after your communication with our specialist. Please contact us any time, and it is better now.

Identification of adultery

Tension – it is a normal component of all family relations, which sooner or later will appear, but the efforts of both sides overcome. But there are situations when only solve the problem alone is simply impossible. This occurs if you have suspected for a soul mate in adultery. But any suspicion must be refuted or confirmed, so you can decide on its course of action and to understand as it is possible to save your marriage. And in this issue you will certainly be able to help a detective agency “Academy of Truth.”

Almost from the first day of our agency we began to receive applications for the detection of adultery, which shows how urgent this issue has been before, and remains to this day. And over the years of work we have gained a lot of experience in this field, which allows us in a very short period of time to make the identification of treason. Moreover, it is worth considering that we carry out half of our activities in resorts, which are used just as a cover for “business travelers” who actually come here with their temporary passions to take a break from their families. Very popular in this regard are the resorts of the Mediterranean coast.

Trust us with a solution to your problem and get guaranteed results. We can expose any holiday romance, no matter how carefully it may hide from prying eyes.


Photo and video surveillance

To learn more information about a person or some event, you need to watch him a certain amount of time. And for this purpose detective agency “Academy of Truth” provides a service to video surveillance  . To use the service for their own purposes could as individuals who have come to rest, and businesses that benefit from this country to conduct their own business. We will not ask you too many unnecessary questions, but only to specify what you want to learn as a result of surveillance of the man.

It is possible that you just need surveillance of his wife while you spend an evening with your friends and want to know, what exactly does your husband. But also this type of surveillance may be used in the event that your second ladle had gone to rest alone, and you’re having some suspicion of treason you. Call our detective agency and tell us about their experiences. We will use all their experience and the necessary tools that you receive from us only accurate information, regardless of where it is resting your significant other.

In this case, we recommend you not to make your own video surveillance of his wife, which will allow you to save your time and energy. Trust the professionals this question and you will get a detailed report made as a result of our photographic surveillance of your spouse. Observation of the people, in principle, is a complicated process that requires a very long and special training. And all these qualities have the employees of our detective agency “Academy of Truth”.

Well as photos and video surveillance  can be conducted not only for the loved one, but also for those with whom you do not personally know, but want to know more about this man. Basically, this service is very popular among businessmen who bought the collection of information about their partners or competitors. And the video surveillance  – this is just one of the tools that are actively used by employees of the agency. We work on all the major resorts of the Mediterranean coast,  so you can count on our help with the photographic and video surveillance in these countries, where would themselves are. This is especially important if you stayed at home, but to go on vacation with their children their nanny. Order our covert video surveillance of the nurse to be one hundred percent sure that your children are safe.

It should also be borne in mind that covert surveillance can also be carried out and for you. And even if you have absolutely no suspicion in this regard, call us to exclude the possibility of secret surveillance for you while you are driving active in the main resorts of the Mediterranean coast. And if you only really found someone covert without the intervention of others in your privacy.

To find out the cost of surveillance you enough to call Detective Agency “Academy of Truth” and discuss all the details with a specialist.surveillance, then you certainly know about it from our staff. We will also help you get rid of hidden surveillance and continue your holiday.

Search of people

Missing people, left on vacation in a resort town in recent years has reached an incredibly large numbers. And someone just enjoys the opportunity to radically change their lives and not just returned to his hometown, finding love  or calling, but there are situations where a person simply disappears, stopped communicating. And if you are facing in your life with such a disaster, you should not immediately panic. The first thing you need to do is contact the police and be sure to apply the disappearance of a loved one. But it is also extremely important to start the search for people immediately, without any red tape.. And for that, the only true solution is to contact the detective agency “Academy of Truth.”

Search for missing persons – is one of the services that we have to provide their customers with virtually since our inception. Therefore, we have extensive experience in this area and know exactly where you need to start looking for relatives of missing persons.

But also tracing service people in our detective agency works not only with those cases where people disappear without any reason. If you just want to restore relations with the person whom have not seen and do not even have any idea exactly where he can live, you can still count on our participation in this matter. We are ready not only to search for people by name , but can also make every effort to find a person by phone number. Naturally, in such a situation, it is important that you provide us with as much data about who to find. It will save our time and perhaps bring you the fastest results. But it is necessary to consider that organizing people wantedдд, we will never give certain guarantees, because they do not want to assure our customers. Finding relatives – this process is not sufficiently predictable. And you must always be ready for any outcome. And of course, that whatever may have been misgivings you always need to take action and go to the end in their quest to find a person by phone number, or other available data.

Find people by name  can be associated with a desire to learn more about their ancestry and to restore the ties of kinship with the people of whom you may have never heard anything before. And to find someone through the phone number it is necessary mainly in those situations, if our client is the victim of phone fraud or just beginning to exasperate his strange calls or messages. But whatever may be the situation personally with you, you can count on the fact that we immediately begin to search for the names of family members and will make every effort to find a person by phone number.

Helping parents in monitoring children

How to ensure the safety of children?

At some point, parents are beginning to realize that their relationship with their children is not as close as they were before. And what’s more, that crack that appears in their communication, begins to threaten the safety of a child who is knocked out of the care and tries to start an independent adult life. Naturally, that any attempt to understand the problems of parents of the child and bring him back on the right path will stumble on the wall of hostility and lead to more conflict.

So you only have to apply to the detective agency “Academy of Truth” to be aware of what is going on in your child’s life, as he grows up and sees no need to keep a report in front of their parents. Information about the children can be brought to you in different ways. We can maintain constant surveillance for your child and monitor his every move, at the right time to take the initiative and come to the rescue. We can also maintain complete neutrality and just to give you a report on where, how, with whom and when spending time your son or daughter. And you’re already on the basis of information received, yourself will make a decision about what to do with the child and how to influence it, if there really threaten any danger. This method works in more closely resembles the function of a bodyguard, which guarded the person does not even know.

But also we can produce periodic monitoring of children, simply updating information already received. On our side, we can use a variety of methods and ways of working. You will only need to choose what is most suitable in your particular situation. It is worth remembering that the use of force are unlikely to yield any result. You only alienate themselves from further a son or daughter, and a rapprochement could take years. Therefore let the whole process professional.

Rest of children.

Can benefit from our services and those parents who send their children on holiday  with friends from school, or just with the nanny. It is only natural that even with adults, but strangers will not be difficult for you to worry about your son or daughter. In this case, just call us and we can ensure the safety of children on the streets of any resort town , and in all other places, wherever they are.

The main objective of the staff of the detective agency “Academy of Truth” – is to ensure our customers’ peace of mind and the safety of their children.

Collection of information

The data collected

Daily modern man acquainted with different people. And this can be really important and targeted dating, work-related, and can be simply and completely random encounters with the opposite sex, which result to serious personal relationships. But whatever may be the nature of your new meeting, it is very important today to know as much as possible more information about a man who can be part of your personal or professional life. And this is absolutely not enough to get a link to it akkaunut in the social network, which may be the most ideal and will simply not be true.

How to check a person?

To test the person you need to apply to a detective agency “Academy of Truth” and order this type of service. Our experts will carry out all the necessary work in a professional manner. In this case, you can specify exactly what you are looking for a specific person or just tell us what purpose we must make the collection of information about a person. We guarantee full confidentiality and efficiency of their work.

Especially the collection of personal data  is relevant for vacationers  of the Mediterranean coast who, they believe, are met his fate. But it is worth remembering that today is active large amounts of a wide variety of marriage scams. We will help you to break a man to you one hundred percent can be sure that he can be trusted. Employees of our detective agency for many years of work already thoroughly worked out this scheme and know how to check your rights and how to begin work in this direction.

Collection of Personal Data may be varied. We can for you just to clarify whether the person to tell you the truth, calling some facts of his biography, so you can make yourself about its conclusions, or we will make a complete collection of information about a person who can even include his group blood.

It is not necessary to avoid the possibility of human samples and if you are going to buy property , to make any other transactions or plan to conduct their business there. And that you do not require absolutely no effort, as the entire collection of personal data will be supervised at the detective agency ” Academy of Truth .” Call us if you are interested in the question of how to find out about the criminal record of your potential business partner or your future husband, and it is quite possible and future wife.

And if you meet one and resorts with a beautiful girl, but she does not answer your calls, our staff will certainly help you to find out her address by phone number . Do not postpone your happiness then call us now to book this service.


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